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5 Tips to Getting Rid of Those Pesky Dandelions in Your Lawn

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The other day, I went out to mow the lawn. It had been a long winter and it was nice to see that the grass was getting greener by the day. When I went to look at the backyard, I noticed a lot of dandelions that haven’t been there before.

I leave for one moment, and when I return, it’s like these yellow weeds have outrun me. The name may sound nice and inviting, but these are the archenemy of anyone who wants a green lawn.

Here’s the deal, I wanted them gone. So, I decided to ask an expert for some advice on how to get rid of those pesky weeds.

In this article, I’m going to give you the tips that I was told on getting rid of dandelions, and simple steps to ensure they stay away for good.

Use a Weeder Tool

Weeder tools are great for getting dandelions and their roots. The problem with dandelions is that they can reproduce from their roots, and those roots can go 3 feet deep. You may grab a handful of dandelions and think that you’re done, but they come back times three.

A Weeder tool will pull out, not only the dandelion flower, but also their roots. This will ensure regrowth and spread of dandelions on your lawn.

I grabbed the Garant GDW37 from Amazon for a reasonable price. You can click on the link to see what I’m talking about and learn a little more about the tool.

Use Your Muscles

The next way to get rid of pesky dandelions would be to use your muscles and a hand weeder. I actually purchased a hand weeding set for my garden this year from Amazon, and it works well. You have to make sure that the center of the tool is lined up with the stem of the dandelion.

This method is a little more labour intensive and harder on your back. Using a long handle weeder is better for those who may have difficulty bending over or working on their knees for a long time.

Just Mow Over Them

If you don’t have time to weed your lawn to get rid of dandelions, then you should just mow them down. Mowing your lawn, when you start to see the yellow springing up, will buy you some time before they turn to seed and spread more dandelions all over your lawn.

Mowing the dandelions won’t normally get rid of them for good, but it will buy you some time before they multiply.

Use a Herbicide

To kill off random dandelions in your yard, you can use a simple herbicide like Killex. Killex will kill over 50 different types of weeds that may be growing in your lawn, and one spray bottle will cover about 50 square feet.

Using a herbicide is one of the easiest and effective ways of dealing with annoying dandelions. It’s best to use an Ortho Dial N Spray Multi-Use Hose-End Sprayer and use a setting 8 for large lawns and problem areas.

You can make a homemade herbicide by using boiling water, salt or vinegar.

Use these three ingredients to made a DIY herbicide

According to Mick Telkamp at HGTV, the best homemade weed killer is made up of

  • 1-gallon white vinegar
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap

You mix all these ingredients in a spray bottle and spray the weeds on the sunniest part of the day.

Properly Care For Your Lawn

Dandelions normally grow in places that don’t have a lot of grass. Keeping your grass fertilized and well-seeded is a preventive measure in ensuring that dandelions don’t take over your lawn. Healthy lawns are not a good home for dandelions.

My brother-in-law, who does a lot of work for the school boards properly maintenance, and has the greenest lawn I have ever seen, suggests people purchase the Slow Release Granular Lawn Fertilizer to use on their lawns.

The Slow-Release Granular Lawn Fertilizer is high-quality and filled with advanced nutrients that will produce a beautiful green lawn. The price is a little high, but if you paid professionals to come and care for your lawn, they would charge you a lot more and probably use a product similar to the one mentioned.

You’ll also want to mow high. Our thinking is normally cut lower so that I have to cut less in the month, but lower cuts are actually bad for our grass. Ask any professional and they will all tell you the same thing, cut your grass on the highest setting possible.

According to Scotts Canada, they give 8 steps to cutting grass.

  • Step 1 – Set Your Mower High
  • Step 2 – Mow a Dry Lawn
  • Step 3 – Vary Your Mowing Pattern
  • Step 4 – Don’t Mow on a Schedule
  • Step 5 – Wait Before Mowing a New Lawn
  • Step 6 – Leave Grass Clippings on Your Lawn
  • Step 7 – Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp
  • Step 8 – Heed These Helpful Lawn Care Reminders

Notice the very first step – set your mower to high. When you mow your grass low, it will shock the grass and can cause it to scorch in the sun. This is open season for weeds, especially dandelions.


Dandelions are a part of every spring and Canada lawns – so don’t sweat it.

With a few simple steps, you can have that green lawn that you’ve always wanted. Take steps this year to prevent dandelions from thriving in your lawn for years to come.


Amanda is a Canadian travel specialist. She has traveled to all the Canadian provinces as well as from coast to coast several times. Amanda is a nature lover at heart. She loves learning and writing about the True North and the opportunities it has to offer.

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