Meteorologist Says This Is What Canada Needs To Do To Protect People From The Next Major Flood

Would a National Flood Warning System Make a Difference?

Extensive flooding covers an area after the heaviest rain to hit the Atlantic Canadian province of Nova Scotia in more than 50 years in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada July 22, 202. Tyler Ford/Handout via REUTERS.

In a recent interview, a retired Meteorologist, Jim Abraham, said Canada needs a national flood warning system to protect its citizens from the events in NS. The floods in Nova Scotia claimed four people’s lives, including two children.

Nathan Coleman on Twitter: “Just received this footage of a homeowner in Bedford attempting to keep the water out during the flood event last Friday @weathernetwork / Twitter”

Just received this footage of a homeowner in Bedford attempting to keep the water out during the flood event last Friday @weathernetwork

Quebec and Ontario, provinces that see more flooding, have their own flooding system in place, but Nova Scotia, which doesn’t see as much flooding, hasn’t invested money in such a system.

Also, Abraham said no provinces issue flash flood warnings, which is essential.

The United States has had a flood system in place all the way back to the 1950s. According to the U.S. National Weather Service, their flood warning system aims to warn citizens of a potential flood one hour in advance. They also stated that the real danger is when a flash flood occurs. This is because, with a flash flood, conditions can change rapidly. It’s what Jim Abraham also said in his interview. Something has to be done.

Canada has nothing in place nationally regarding protecting people from potential floods.

According to the interview, Jim Abraham said the situation in Nova Scotia was tragic, and a proper system could warn and educate people.

It could make a big difference.

But what do you think?

What do you think?


Written by Amanda Kaiser

Amanda is a Canadian travel specialist. She has traveled to all the Canadian provinces as well as from coast to coast several times. Amanda is a nature lover at heart. She loves learning and writing about the True North and the opportunities it has to offer.

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