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I Tried Wendy’s Breakfast – This is What I Thought!

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Wendy’s has finally entered into the breakfast game, and I believe we’re all thinking the same thing – it’s about time.

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Breakfast is BIG money in the fast-food industry, just ask McDonald’s and Tim Hortons.

Most people don’t have time for breakfast in the morning and end up heading over to the nearest fast-food chain for a breakfast sandwich.

Though it took them long enough to figure it out, Wendy’s finally realized the lost revenue in not having a breakfast menu.

Not long ago, they announced several items on their breakfast menu.

  • Potato wedges (thank you Tim Horton’s for the idea)
  • The classic breakfast sandwiches on croissant, biscuit, or a bun.
  • Coffee

I couldn’t resist when I heard that Wendy’s was turning into the breakfast lane, so I jumped into my truck and picked up a breakfast sandwich for myself.

If you’re interested in knowing how it tasted, keep reading this article.

Wendy's Breakfast

I grabbed the classic sausage breakfast sandwich on a bun, with potato wedges, and a medium coffee.

As far as taste is concerned, it’s a nice sandwich. The sausage had just enough heat to add to the overall flavour of the sandwich without punishing you. The egg seemed to be freshly cooked, and they didn’t hold back on the cheese.

The potato wedges were nice as well, nicely seasoned, and had a really nice crunch to them. I could tell that they were deep-fried, something that Tim Horton’s can’t do.

Wendy's Breakfast with a bite in it.

The bun, instead of the English muffin, was an interesting concept, but it seemed to work. It did feel like I was eating a hamburger from Wendy’s and not breakfast, but it tasted fine.

I guess, everyone is trying to make their mark, swinging for the fence, hoping to hit a home run.

The coffee wasn’t my favourite, to be honest.

It was very weak and I could barely tell if I was drinking hot water or coffee.

I have to say that the success of a breakfast menu is dependent on the success of the coffee, and so Wendy you’ll have to step up your game if you’re going to survive in this dog-eat-dog breakfast war.

Maybe you liked the coffee . . . let me know in the comment section below. For me, it wasn’t at the same level as Tim Hortons or Mcdonald’s.

Wendy's Breakfast Coffee

Overall, it’s a solid start.

The breakfast sandwich was nice, and the potato wedges felt familiar, but their coffee needs some work.

It’s a B from me, Wendy’s. Keep working on it, and like Mcdonald’s, you’ll get there one day.

You can try the breakfast sandwich from Wendy’s today, and tell me if you liked it. Oh yeah, tell me if you liked their coffee as well.



Amanda is a Canadian travel specialist. She has traveled to all the Canadian provinces as well as from coast to coast several times. Amanda is a nature lover at heart. She loves learning and writing about the True North and the opportunities it has to offer.


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