A&W Launches One Cup Program: What is It and Will it Work?

Green initiatives are not new to fast food. Whether it’s wooden spoons or forks, paper straws, or renewable packing, fast food establishments are trying to do right by our planet.

Recently, A&W launched their One Cup (what A&W calls a movement) by getting customers to return their beverage cups for a twenty-cent discount on their next beverage.

Here’s how it all works.

You pay $3 for the cup, enjoy your beverage, and then take it home with you, and when you come back to the restaurant and order a beverage, you give them that cup for 20 cents off. They take your exchanged cup and sanitize it for someone else.

This concept isn’t new. Tim Hortons gives (I believe they still do, though it may depend on the store owner) a discount on your coffee if you give them a reusable cup. If the A&W One Cup initiative works, more fast-food chains may follow them.

I really love the concept, but I’m not sure if someone is going to hold onto a twenty-cent cup for days and remember to return it for the discount. I only eat an A&W occasionally, so remembering to return the cup may be a challenge. I guess for someone who regularly eats at A&W, it makes sense.

At the time of this article, A&W claims to have saved 55 thousand cups from the landfill. This is an outstanding achievement alone.

So what do you think? Is this going to work? Would you remember to return your reusable cup the next time you visit A&W? Give us your thoughts below.


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