How Much Would I Spend If I Purchased All of the Apple Products?

I’m a big fan of Apple Products! It’s what they say all of the time – Apple products just work! They don’t just work well, they also work well together and that makes them better than any device on the market.

I have this weird dream of going to the nearest Apple store and purchasing every product that Apple currently sells. How much money would I need in this dream? Well, that is what we’re going to figure out.

In this article, I’m going to break down the devices that I would purchase from Apple, how much money it would cost me, and what I’m going to get in the end.

All of the prices are in Canadian dollars, because, well, my dream happens in Canada. Here we go!

Blue 24‑inch iMac with Apple M1 chip

I went with 16GB of ram and the larger 2 TBs of SSD storage.

I want to note here that if they had a 32” model, then I would of definitely went with that model, but it’s not available right now. The 32” model is rumoured to be available with the Apple Silicon chip sometime soon.

The total price for the 24-inch iMac is going to cost me: $3,501.87

12.9-inch iPad Pro 

The next device that I would purchase would be the 12.9” iPad Pro with he upgraded memory to 512 GBs and the Apple Pencil.

The total price for the iPad Pro would cost me, after taxes, around $2,010.27.

iPhone 12 Blue 128GB

Next, I’m going to grab a brand new iPhone 12 with 128 GBs of memory. I really like the blue iPhone, so that’s what I’m going to go with.

The iPhone 12 is going to cost me $1,354.87.

16-inch MacBook Pro

You’ll also need a laptop for those vacations, business trips and times you want to lay in bed and watch a movie.

In my opinion, there is no better laptop on the market today than the MacBook Pro. I upgraded a couple of things, but keep it still pretty modest: I went with the 32GB of ram and the 2 TB SSD storage.

The total price for the MacBook Pro, hold on to your chairs, is $4,624.00.

I guess, it comes down to buying a new car or do you want to go with a laptop? Decisions, decisions!

Apple Watch Series 6

I can’t forget to purchase a new Apple Watch. I mean, the circle cannot be broken and it would only make sense to have an Apple product strapped to my arm, so that I am forever linked to their products.

I purchased the 42mm size Apple Watch with all of the default options and the total price was $569.00.

AirPods Pro

I needed a way to listen to my music on the go, and the AirPod Pro is exactly what I was looking for my entire life.

The cost of the AirPods Pro would be $371.77.

Apple TV 4K 64GB

The last product that I wanted to purchase was an Apple TV. I needed the Apple TV for my fitness routine and for YouTube and the other APPS available. I grabbed a 64GB version and the total price for the Apple TV came to $281.37.


How much is it going to cost you to purchase all of the latest Apple products? Well, it isn’t going to be cheap.

The total price for all of the Apple gadgets would be, with taxes included, $12,713.15.

That’s a lot of coin. Note that I didn’t buy APPLE+ for any of the products which would increase the price by another $1,500+.

You may want to begin with one product at a time. Just a suggestion.


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