Keep Your Photos Safe With Amazon Prime

There are several reasons why being an Amazon Prime member makes sense for Canadians. You’re getting a great streaming service, Prime Music, one-day delivery, and now cloud storage for your photos.

Our photos are important to us, and we want to make sure that they are safe, secure, and always available when we want to show them off to our friends and family.

The big problem with cloud storage is that no one wants to spend extra on a storage plan, and so we end up storing our photos on a free platform or store them on our mobile phones, which consumes all our memory. It doesn’t take long when we run out of space and are forced to find a backup source for all our photo gold.

Cloud storage for our photos is not terribly expensive and a great way to ensure that they are safe up in the cloud, wherever the cloud is. Yet, even small monthly charges each month can begin to add up.

If you are looking for an affordable option for storing your awesome photos, then using the Amazon Prime Photos feature is an excellent way.

Amazon Photos’ Features and Pricing

If you’re a Prime member already, then you have Amazon Photos available to you today! Amazon Prime offers you 5GB of free video storage and ‘unlimited’ photo storage, which you can use to upload your full-resolution photos and videos. Here are some more features that I really liked about Amazon Prime Photos:

  • Unlimited Photo storage, +5 GB Video Storage
  • Automatically Uploads from your device
  • Easily access all your devices
  • Supports the common media types

You can upgrade your plan for just a few dollars extra (You’ll have to add 30% extra for the exchange). It’s free for all your photos, but if you have a photo roll that’s heavy on the video side, then you’ll want to add a small plan to give you more space than the FREE 5GB.

  • 100 GB for $1.99 USD
  • 1TB for $6.99 USD
  • 2TB for $11.99 USD

The price is comparable to the other Photo Storage Platforms that are available for Canadians. Yet, Amazon Photos is far better because you get FREE unlimited storage space for your photos.

Here are the top three competitors to Amazon Prime Photos (all prices are in USD):

Make It Personal

The great thing about Amazon Photos is that it’s far more than just cloud storage.

It’s a platform that gives you creative power. We Canadians love to create, and why not? We have so much beauty around us that it only makes sense that we’d want to take photos and create incredible keepsakes. makes it easy to make prints, photo books, desktop photos, canvas photos, cards, and gifts from the photos that we take on our phones.

Turn your photos into a keepsake, with just a few clicks of the button.

Amazon Photos keeps all your photos stored in a easy-to-use platform, and securely allows you to create and print memories for your friends and family. It also comes with a great app for your mobile phone, so uploading and storing is simple.

Install the Easy-To-Use App

Begin the process by finding and installing the Amazon Photos app.

Just go to your App Store, whether it’s Apple or Google, and search for ‘Amazon Photos’.

Next, click install and wait for it to complete.

Upload Your Photos

The Amazon Photos app is easy to use. In fact, when you open the app, it’s going to walk you through the process.

Just click ‘approve all photos’, and the app will begin uploading your Photos to their secure Photo sharing cloud.

Depending on how many photos you have on your phone, it may take a while to upload your albums to the cloud completely. You can click ‘Start Overnight Upload’ to only upload your photos throughout the night – when you’re not using your phone.

I have 17,000 photos on my phone, so it may take a while.

There are some great features on the app that I know you’ll really enjoy using.

The memories feature is a place to relive your memories by viewing photos from particular trips, events, and moments in your life that you captured on your phone.

Just click on the memories tab, to begin smiling.

The share tab allows you to create private groups and share your photos with friends and family. This is a great way to get photos sent off to Grandma and Grandpa.

Under the Album tab, you can organize your photos by creating albums with custom titles. This feature will help you find your photos faster and allow you to share them with your family easily.

Under the ‘More’ tab, you’ll find an option to make PRINTS of your photos. This option gives you the creative juice to turn your photos into masterpieces and gifts.

Overall, the app is straightforward to use, and with unlimited photo storage, it’s a great way to protect and backup all your memories.

Get Prime Today!

With all the benefits of Amazon Prime, it only makes sense to become a Prime Member. The same-day shipping is now only a small reason why you should consider a Prime Membership. After your free trial, Amazon Prime only costs $7.99 CDN a month.

If you’re a Prime Member, then using Amazon Photos makes a lot of sense. It’s going to protect your photos on the cloud (you don’t want to break your phone and lose all those memories) and give you a great platform for sharing and making keepsakes.

Click on the button below to learn a little more.


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